About Us

Inspired by the greek goddess: RHEA, mother of titans, it also means flowing stream. It’s also the name of one of Saturn's moons which holds beautiful frozen oceans in its core.  We believed it was the perfect name because we want you to feel like an out-of-this earth flowing goddess when you wear our swim. We want RHEA to represent our vision of women: Strong, independent, feminine;  an untameable force of nature. 

#LetsBeRHEA: Being sustainable shouldn’t be a luxury and there should be more options in the swim market for other planet-conscious souls like us. Our super soft fabric is made entirely from recycled ocean waste such as: industrial plastic, fishing nets, and fabric scraps.  Using this fabric we reduce our global warming impact by 80% and it can be further recycled to continue reducing our ecological footprint. 


Why different size lettering?

We strive to create swim that fits all body types and wanted to defy the industry by not using standard sizing. We believe you should buy swimwear based on how it fits, not by what the size label says. That's why we use  different letters (W, X, Y, Z).

Focus on what feels good on YOUR body, let go of what should be and embrace those beautiful curves of yours.   

We truly believe that confidence shows when you feel comfortable. Our swim was designed to make you look good and feel good, hugging you in all the right places, showing off your curves and accentuating your favorite body parts. The fabric is super soft, so soft you'll forget that you’re even wearing a swimsuit. The seamless finish will avoid any friction and marks on your beautiful skin.

We want this swimsuit to be your go-to, your best friend, your partner in crime wherever you go. Feel it. Own it. Love it.