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About Us

 founders RHEA THE LABEL

RHEA: The Label is a luxury sustainable swimwear brand, proudly made in Mexico City. 

Our story begins when our co-founders met in college and  realized they both share a passion for swimwear. Having grown up in Puerto Vallarta and Palm Beach, swimwear was a part of their everyday life. Frustrated that the options of high-quality, timeless swimming in Mexico was scarce and their growing concern on sustainability, they decided to embark on a journey together and create RHEA. After years of research to get it right with the fabric, the designs and the concept, RHEA was born.

Our brand focuses on 3 things: empowering women through swimwear, creation of original timeless pieces and sustainability. We believe that good swimwear should make a woman embrace their natural body and not make her judge it (which can be difficult for some). It should withstand the test of time and be classy and elegant and very importantly, buying it should not be a decision that impacts negatively on our planet.

We wanted a name which truly represented all of these values and that actually  made sense to what we wanted to accomplish as a brand. RHEA is the name of a Greek goddess  of and mother of titans. It also means flowing stream and it’s the name of one of Saturn's moons which had beautiful oceans across its landscape. We believe this is the perfect name since it represents the feminine, strong, untamable force of nature that makes a  woman, and how we want them to feel when they wear one of our swimsuits. 

Being sustainable shouldn’t be a luxury and we are proud to be an option for other planet-conscious souls like us. Our super soft fabric is made from ECONYL: regenerated nylon from ocean waste such as fishing nets, and it can be further recycled to continue reducing our ecological footprint. Using this fabric we reduce our global warming impact by 80%. 

So this is us, RHEA, a brand with as much soul and heart as there are grains of sand on the beach, working every day to bring you and other women in the world better swimwear so we can all live our best lives under the sun.

With love, always


Alexa + Debora