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Our swimwear is proudly made with ECONYL®️, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made entirely from post consumer ocean and landfill waste like recycled fishing nets, industrial plastic, and fabric scraps that otherwise pollute our Earth and oceans. Even better - our swimwear can be continuously recycled and regenerated, further reducing our impact.

Just like nature's resources, our production is limited. We create our swimwear in small batches to avoid over production and waste.

Our swimwear is produced locally in a small atelier in Mexico City, avoiding extra pollution in transit and shipping. Additionally, our shipping mailers are made from cornstarch and are 100% compostable.

All of our cotton pack bags are made to be reused for any of your needs (store your jewelry, lingerie, chargers, or more 'kinis).

We know taking care of the earth is as important to you as it to us. Wear your RHEA proudly.

- Recycled thread
- UV protection
- Buttery soft
- Extra comfort for the perfect fit
- Shape resistance, our 'kinis will never lose its shape.
- Suncream and oil resistance
- Ultrachlorine resistant